It’s only been 11 months since my last post… Far too long! Sorry possums. This post I’ll be talking about how to use essential oils on your body. As simple as massaging a drop or two of oil into certain areas of your body can work wonders.

You are the one to give care to your own body, and everyone is different, so do what you feel comfortable with. Trust your intuition.

Oils are 50 – 70 times more potent than herbs, offering some serious love to each of our human cells within minutes.

Oils can pass through the wall of a cell making them able to service our cells with goodness and help support our bodies from the root and epicentre of how we are feeling.

Oils are so safe and gentle, everyone can use them.

Starting from the top and working our way down the body…

Temples and back of neck :

Lavender and peppermint for headaches, stress, motion sickness, nausea.

Outside of ears :

Lavender and basil for earache, swimmer’s ear.

Behind ears :

Peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus for headaches, dizziness, anxiety, fatigue.

Lavender and roman chamomile for insomnia.

Shoulders :

Wintergreen for shoulder or joint pain.

Chest : 

Eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon for chest congestion, coughs, bronchitis and asthma.

Over the heart :

Ylang Ylang, balance and bergamot for depression, stress, high blood pressure.

Abdomen :

Clary sage for menstrual cramps.

Peppermint, ginger and fennel for digestive issues and nausea.

Wrists :

Vetiver, lemongrass and myrrh for arthritis and thyroid issues.

Inner arch of foot :

Wintergreen, marjoram, cypress, white fir for back pain.

Clove, grapefruit and rosemary for kidney issues and adrenal glands.

Outer arch of foot :

Grapefruit, juniper berry and lemongrass for colon, bladder and liver issues.

Bottom of middle toes :

Sandalwood and frankincense for breast health.

Bottom of big toes :

Digest Zen for metabolism.

Pads of middle toes :

Frankincense for eye health and sight strain.

Bottom of pinky toes :

Lemon, ginger, lavender and basil for earache and vertigo.

Take a look at this reflexology chart I stumbled across on Pinterest. It shows us the different points on the left and right foot that work with our most important organs. Apply a drop of oil to the desired point to treat the area.



Here we are smack bang in the middle of winter everywhere we go people are sniffly and coughing and it seems liked its unavoidable to completely bypass sickness. My youngest has previously struggled with respiratory issues that have landed us in hospital every few weeks through the winter so I am super intentional about bombing the kids bodies with nourishing foods that are going to keep their immune systems firing and strong.

We have been working on gut health for the last couple of years following years the gaps diet, which is a very deep gut healing and rebalancing protocol. The benefits we have seen in our health and our children’s heath is incredible.

When we begin to look at our health holistically what you put into your body and what you put on it and learning ways we can all use food as medicine instead of at every event running to pharmaceuticals you begin to get a powerhouse of health and we become armed with a solution.

I believe our kitchens can be one of the most powerful apothecary’s for our health and live with a firm resolve that food is medicine and the health of our gut underpins almost everything that is going on with our health. We use functional foods, medicinal teas, ferments, pure essential oils and traditional ways of cooking. Real food cooked from scratch and unburdening the toxic load off ourselves and our children by using products without chemicals.

So what are some of the things we do as a family to keep our gut health strong and build our immune system that you may find helpful for you?


When we first started the gaps diet the thought of drinking broth and cooking with broth was so overwhelming but as we journeyed we have found it to be the most natural flavorsome way of cooking and eating. I read recently that broth was the reason the first ever restaurant was opened in France and that name actually came from the word RESTORE = RESTAUR and all they served was broth. It was a place people could go to get bowls of this nourishing goodness and restore their health… amazing huh! .

Every week I make a massive stock pot of broth to cook in and drink with meals. Initially we had to start slow and none of us were keen to drink it but as I started adding it into my cooking and using is as a basis for soups, casseroles, gravies and sauces we soon all developed the taste for it and now all love it. It is the most nutrient dense food we can give our bodies and if full of protein, gelatin, collagen and stacked with minerals that support immunity and build our intestinal lining.

I have also learned that when children get sick is not the time to make them start trying broth. Introducing these foods into their diets so that if they do happen to get sick you wont have a fight on your hands and will easily be able to get them to drink it and kick the cold quickly.


I have read that one teaspoon of sauerkraut has more diversity of beneficial bacteria that a whole bottle of probiotics that you can buy from a health food shop. So we use food as medicine and get as much fermented foods into our diets as we can in varying forms.

It’s not a one-off probiotic that will heal and rebalance our gut flora it’s the daily addition of a range of nourishing foods and a variety of ferments. To start out including these foods you don’t have to be master fermenter there are plenty of amazing brands you can buy from health food shops and markets.

Some of the ways we love to get fermented foods into our diets are.

Sauerkraut , kimchi, kombucha, kefir, pickles, fermented yoghurt, fermented nut cheeses and kvass.


At the first sign of a sniffle I put my children in a bath with a handful of magnesium salts and a few drops of on guard and frankincense. If they are unwell I literally soak them in a bath every few hours and rotate between bi carb + magnesium salts + apple cider vinegar + seaweed and betanite clay. These all detox our bodies in different ways and I am always amazed at the difference it makes. We’ve found it can even stop a cold in its tracks!

Beautiful pure essential oils I include and rotate are:

Eucalyptus + tea tree + on guard + lavender + roman chamomile + frankincense…. Always frankincense right!

If they are running a temp just keep the baths lukewarm and after dilute in a carrier oil a few drops of ginger essential oil and rub it into their feet or get them sip on warm ginger tea. Ginger is an amazing anti-inflammatory and is nature’s way of helping our bodies fight fevers.


The quickest and fastest way to absorb vitamin d into our bodies is through sunshine. If it’s not too breezy expose as much skin to the sun as you can. I tell my kids its sunshine or cod liver oil. They always chose the sunshine. Ha!


I make some sort of jelly every week I mix up the flavourings. This year I’ve been incorporating and loving the benefits of medicinal teas and herbs to help support our bodies in so many wonderful ways.

These jellies I make with elderberry tea which are amazing at boosting our immune system and you can also add probiotics through fermented drinks to make these extra gut loving and an amazing treat that the kids love.

2 cups of boiling water infused with 1 teas of dried elderberries

When it has cooled a little strain it and add 2 tabs raw honey (or to taste)

Then whisking it well gradually add 2 1/2 tabs gelatin (great lakes or changing habits)

Optional:  add ½ cup of kombucha or coconut kefir

Whisk really well.

Then pour into a dish or moulds and set in the fridge.

My encouragement to you is that it can be simple just adding in things one at a time. It’s not about a quick remedy but it’s about consistently adding in things that build out immune strength before we are smack bang in the middle of a full-blown flu and scrambling for ways to help fight it. Every step we take towards health makes a difference!

Much love Libby x

Thank you so much for sharing your tips Libby, how beautiful do the Elderberry jellies look?!

Make sure to follow Libby over on Instagram @olivesandgreens. She’ll motivate you!

If anyone wants to know how to get some pure essential oils into their homes, please feel free to send me an email info@courtneyandthebabes.com.

Much love + be well!

C x


Well I know what you’re probably thinking… It’s about time Court jeez! I know, I’m sorry. It’s been way too long between oil posts. The past 8 months I’ve really been focusing on my C+TB wellness products.

I’ve put together some of my favourite diffuser blends for my fellow oil lovers to try. It’s nice to mix it up with new recipes. There’s no rules when it comes to diffusing combinations FYI. So go for it!

dōTERRA has recently launched a few newbies and they’ve been put to good use at home.

Petitgrain : fresh, floral, slightly herbaceous – calming, insomnia, nervous tension, high blood pressure, acne.

Spikenard : woody, spicy – fights bacteria and fungus, relieves inflammation, stimulates the immune system, calming. Think of it as Frankincense – it can be used for many, many things!

Litsea : fresh, sweet, citrus – energizing and motivating, healthy digestion, purifying.

Roman Chamomile : floral, sweet – soothes the body and mind, heart health, nausea, calms children.

Spearmint : sweet, minty, fresh – promotes oral health, healthy digestion, refreshing and uplifting, upset stomach.


Litsea x 3 drops, Lavender x 3 drops, Spearmint x 2 drops.

Petitgrain x 2 drops, Wild Orange x 3 drops, Juniper Berry x 2 drops.

Spikenard x 2 drops, Peppermint x 2 drops, Lemon x 3 drops.

Cedarwood x 2 drops, Roman Chamomile x 4 drops, Bergamot x 2 drops.

Roman Chamomile x 2 drops, Lavender x 3 drops, Marjoram x 3 drops.

Litsea x 3 drops, Cardamom x 2 drops, Lemon x 3 drops.

Remember to give you diffusers a good clean once a month, take a look here on how to do that.

Happy diffusing!

C x




30 drops lemon 10 drops tea tree in 500ml glass spray bottle


1/2 cup baking soda 1/2 cup vinegar 5 drops lime


1 cup baking soda mixed with 1 cup water then slowly add 1 cup vinegar followed by 20 drops lavender or lemongrass mix carefully and keep in airtight jar


4 drops lemon and tea tree on cottontail at bottom of bin beneath bag


3 drops lemon in sink topped up with water let fruit and veg sit for 10 mins and rinse


20 drops tea tree 20 drops eucalyptus with a dash of vinegar in 500ml glass spray bottle spray in shower for natural mould killing action


diffuse 4 drops dōTERRA’s purification blend (purify) to eliminate overpowering cooking smells


add 5 – 10 drops of your fav oil to the vac bag


2 drops of lemon into the toilet bowl each night


no more teabags just 1 drop of peppermint or ginger to hot water


3 drops lemon oil and hot water


20 drops tea tree with borax for homemade carpet powder


2 drops lemon or tea tree inside shoe


diffuse 5 drops dōTERRA’s protective blend (on guard) to eliminate mould and other pathogens in the air


add 3 drops lemon to dishwasher for spot free rinse


Hi possums, I hope everyone is well! It’s been 2 months too long since my last post…

First of all I’d like to share my anxiety story with those of you who aren’t aware of my troubles. Beautiful Amy from #mumlifeproject kindly asked me to write it all down earlier this year and pass it on to other women who live with the disorder. Follow the link to read my story http://www.mumlifeproject.com/living-with-anxiety/.

Anxiety can cause such distress that it interferes with your ability to lead a normal life. For people who have any type of anxiety, worry and fear are constant and overwhelming, and can be disabling.

Diffusing essential oils is a subtle way to soothe anxious vibes in your home during the day whether it be yourself or your children. Diffusion works by distributing the oil molecules through the air. Once in the air, they are inhaled and come into contact with nerves that send them directly to the brain. This is a quick and safe way of letting the essential oils go to work for you. 3-4 drops of each oil is all you need. I like the dōTERRA Petal diffuser for smaller spaces and the Ultrasonic Bamboo and Glass dome diffuser for longer stretches and larger rooms. Most of the Ultrasonic diffusers I’ve used have been great.

Applying essential oils topically, how does this benefit the body you ask? It takes 2 minutes for the oil to enter the blood stream, 22 seconds to reach the brain and 20 minutes to affect every single cell in the body. How good is that? And these oils are 100% pure and clean.

Although essential oils are readily absorbed, there are many ways to increase absorption. Using a light massage will increase the blood flow to the area of application, in turn improving distribution throughout the body. Use of a carrier oil can also increase absorption, especially in skin that is dry or flaky as it helps moisturize the skin and slow evaporation of the oil.

Ways to apply topically? Massage directly into the skin, a few drops in a warm bath, make a hot or cold compress by soaking a towel or cloth in water, adding essential oils, and then applying to the desired area. Beneficial areas you can apply essential oils: soles of feet, neck, wrists, chest and abdomen.


Balance – the grounding blend : diffuse or apply to soles of feet and heart. A great oil for assisting removal of emotional blocks. Use for feelings of disconnection, ungrounded, scattered, unstable. Improves body connection which is great for mindfulness, concentrating on the here in times of anxiety.

Vetiver – the oil of entering : diffuse at bedtime, apply diluted to soles of feet or a drop in the bath. An earthy oil that’s very strong, 1 drop is all you need. Use for feelings of stress, crisis, need to escape. Improves emotional connection and feeling centered.

InTune – the focus blend : apply on back of neck and wrists. A great blend for anxiety, ADHD, clarity, focus, hyperactivity and stress. Improves living in the present.

Wild Orange – the oil of abundance : diffuse 3-4 drops and apply all over the body – no dilution needed. Use for feelings of low energy, discouraged, envy, over-serious. Improves creativity, humour and enjoying life.

Lavender – the oil of communication : diffuse 3-4 drops and apply all over the body – no dilution needed. Use for feelings of blocked communication, fear of rejection, feeling unseen and unheard, tension and anxiety.

Marjoram – the oil of connection : apply to reflex points or area of concern – no dilution needed. Use for feelings of fear of rejection, emotionally cold, distrust, distance. Improves feelings of safety.

Bergamot – the oil of self-acceptance : diffuse 3-4 drops during the day and apply to temples – no dilution needed. Use for feelings of low self-esteem, self judgment and hopelessness. Improves confidence.

DigestZen : apply diluted to abdomen or soles of feet every 2 hours. I use this oil after every meal. My anxiety brings on nausea and as I have a sensitive tummy most meals upset my body. So preventing digestion problems after meals helps keep the anxiety at bay. Another negative emotion that may benefit from digestzen is loss of appetite for life and food.

Sandalwood – the oil of sacred devotion : diffuse 2-3 and apply to soles of feet and wrists. One of the main properties of Sandalwood is antidepressant. It’s similar to Vetiver as in it’s another sedative with an earthy aroma. Use for feelings of disconnection to spiritual self, emptiness, over thinking and materialism. This oil has my name all over it. I’ve recently started applying it with balance behind my ears in the afternoon to get me through the 5pm low.

Another thing I wanted to mention is the Yoga Studio app for iPhones. It has 5, 10, 20 and 30 minute classes/videos you can do in the comfort of your own home. Meditation, yoga, stretching, back pain, stretches for runners… Every time I’ve used the app whether it be when I roll outta bed to wake up and stretch my limbs or before bed, I’ve felt so damn good afterwards. This is not a paid shout out by the way, I just love the app!

Now let me introduce you to my new blends…


The anxiety set is made up of two Courtney + The Babes blends. One for day and one for night.

Chill pill – day blend : a deeper sister blend to my popular calm blend.
Oils include frank, balance, clary sage, bergamot, marjoram, wild orange, lavender, eucalyptus and fractionated coconut oil.

Deep sleep – night blend : an all natural sedative that soothes and relaxes the body and mind for a deep, lush sleep. Oils include lavender, cedar wood, juniper berry, vetiver, marjoram, roman chamomile and fractionated coconut oil.

Head over to my online store to purchase the set http://courtneyandthebabes.bigcartel.com.

If you’re interested in purchasing dōTERRA essential oils take a look at how to receive 25% off your order here or send me an email here.

I hope this post has helped a few of you loves, times can be tough but there’s such a supportive group of women on Instagram who deal with similar issues. I love all the emails you send me sharing your stories and how you’ve found my blends to really work. The feedback is so positive!

Be well,

C x

I do not recommend using marjoram and clary sage during pregnancy.