It’s only been 11 months since my last post… Far too long! Sorry possums. This post I’ll be talking about how to use essential oils on your body. As simple as massaging a drop or two of oil into certain areas of your body can work wonders.

You are the one to give care to your own body, and everyone is different, so do what you feel comfortable with. Trust your intuition.

Oils are 50 – 70 times more potent than herbs, offering some serious love to each of our human cells within minutes.

Oils can pass through the wall of a cell making them able to service our cells with goodness and help support our bodies from the root and epicentre of how we are feeling.

Oils are so safe and gentle, everyone can use them.

Starting from the top and working our way down the body…

Temples and back of neck :

Lavender and peppermint for headaches, stress, motion sickness, nausea.

Outside of ears :

Lavender and basil for earache, swimmer’s ear.

Behind ears :

Peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus for headaches, dizziness, anxiety, fatigue.

Lavender and roman chamomile for insomnia.

Shoulders :

Wintergreen for shoulder or joint pain.

Chest : 

Eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon for chest congestion, coughs, bronchitis and asthma.

Over the heart :

Ylang Ylang, balance and bergamot for depression, stress, high blood pressure.

Abdomen :

Clary sage for menstrual cramps.

Peppermint, ginger and fennel for digestive issues and nausea.

Wrists :

Vetiver, lemongrass and myrrh for arthritis and thyroid issues.

Inner arch of foot :

Wintergreen, marjoram, cypress, white fir for back pain.

Clove, grapefruit and rosemary for kidney issues and adrenal glands.

Outer arch of foot :

Grapefruit, juniper berry and lemongrass for colon, bladder and liver issues.

Bottom of middle toes :

Sandalwood and frankincense for breast health.

Bottom of big toes :

Digest Zen for metabolism.

Pads of middle toes :

Frankincense for eye health and sight strain.

Bottom of pinky toes :

Lemon, ginger, lavender and basil for earache and vertigo.

Take a look at this reflexology chart I stumbled across on Pinterest. It shows us the different points on the left and right foot that work with our most important organs. Apply a drop of oil to the desired point to treat the area.


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