Well I know what you’re probably thinking… It’s about time Court jeez! I know, I’m sorry. It’s been way too long between oil posts. The past 8 months I’ve really been focusing on my C+TB wellness products.

I’ve put together some of my favourite diffuser blends for my fellow oil lovers to try. It’s nice to mix it up with new recipes. There’s no rules when it comes to diffusing combinations FYI. So go for it!

dōTERRA has recently launched a few newbies and they’ve been put to good use at home.

Petitgrain : fresh, floral, slightly herbaceous – calming, insomnia, nervous tension, high blood pressure, acne.

Spikenard : woody, spicy – fights bacteria and fungus, relieves inflammation, stimulates the immune system, calming. Think of it as Frankincense – it can be used for many, many things!

Litsea : fresh, sweet, citrus – energizing and motivating, healthy digestion, purifying.

Roman Chamomile : floral, sweet – soothes the body and mind, heart health, nausea, calms children.

Spearmint : sweet, minty, fresh – promotes oral health, healthy digestion, refreshing and uplifting, upset stomach.


Litsea x 3 drops, Lavender x 3 drops, Spearmint x 2 drops.

Petitgrain x 2 drops, Wild Orange x 3 drops, Juniper Berry x 2 drops.

Spikenard x 2 drops, Peppermint x 2 drops, Lemon x 3 drops.

Cedarwood x 2 drops, Roman Chamomile x 4 drops, Bergamot x 2 drops.

Roman Chamomile x 2 drops, Lavender x 3 drops, Marjoram x 3 drops.

Litsea x 3 drops, Cardamom x 2 drops, Lemon x 3 drops.

Remember to give you diffusers a good clean once a month, take a look here on how to do that.

Happy diffusing!

C x


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