Hi possums, I hope everyone is well! It’s been 2 months too long since my last post…

First of all I’d like to share my anxiety story with those of you who aren’t aware of my troubles. Beautiful Amy from #mumlifeproject kindly asked me to write it all down earlier this year and pass it on to other women who live with the disorder. Follow the link to read my story http://www.mumlifeproject.com/living-with-anxiety/.

Anxiety can cause such distress that it interferes with your ability to lead a normal life. For people who have any type of anxiety, worry and fear are constant and overwhelming, and can be disabling.

Diffusing essential oils is a subtle way to soothe anxious vibes in your home during the day whether it be yourself or your children. Diffusion works by distributing the oil molecules through the air. Once in the air, they are inhaled and come into contact with nerves that send them directly to the brain. This is a quick and safe way of letting the essential oils go to work for you. 3-4 drops of each oil is all you need. I like the dōTERRA Petal diffuser for smaller spaces and the Ultrasonic Bamboo and Glass dome diffuser for longer stretches and larger rooms. Most of the Ultrasonic diffusers I’ve used have been great.

Applying essential oils topically, how does this benefit the body you ask? It takes 2 minutes for the oil to enter the blood stream, 22 seconds to reach the brain and 20 minutes to affect every single cell in the body. How good is that? And these oils are 100% pure and clean.

Although essential oils are readily absorbed, there are many ways to increase absorption. Using a light massage will increase the blood flow to the area of application, in turn improving distribution throughout the body. Use of a carrier oil can also increase absorption, especially in skin that is dry or flaky as it helps moisturize the skin and slow evaporation of the oil.

Ways to apply topically? Massage directly into the skin, a few drops in a warm bath, make a hot or cold compress by soaking a towel or cloth in water, adding essential oils, and then applying to the desired area. Beneficial areas you can apply essential oils: soles of feet, neck, wrists, chest and abdomen.


Balance – the grounding blend : diffuse or apply to soles of feet and heart. A great oil for assisting removal of emotional blocks. Use for feelings of disconnection, ungrounded, scattered, unstable. Improves body connection which is great for mindfulness, concentrating on the here in times of anxiety.

Vetiver – the oil of entering : diffuse at bedtime, apply diluted to soles of feet or a drop in the bath. An earthy oil that’s very strong, 1 drop is all you need. Use for feelings of stress, crisis, need to escape. Improves emotional connection and feeling centered.

InTune – the focus blend : apply on back of neck and wrists. A great blend for anxiety, ADHD, clarity, focus, hyperactivity and stress. Improves living in the present.

Wild Orange – the oil of abundance : diffuse 3-4 drops and apply all over the body – no dilution needed. Use for feelings of low energy, discouraged, envy, over-serious. Improves creativity, humour and enjoying life.

Lavender – the oil of communication : diffuse 3-4 drops and apply all over the body – no dilution needed. Use for feelings of blocked communication, fear of rejection, feeling unseen and unheard, tension and anxiety.

Marjoram – the oil of connection : apply to reflex points or area of concern – no dilution needed. Use for feelings of fear of rejection, emotionally cold, distrust, distance. Improves feelings of safety.

Bergamot – the oil of self-acceptance : diffuse 3-4 drops during the day and apply to temples – no dilution needed. Use for feelings of low self-esteem, self judgment and hopelessness. Improves confidence.

DigestZen : apply diluted to abdomen or soles of feet every 2 hours. I use this oil after every meal. My anxiety brings on nausea and as I have a sensitive tummy most meals upset my body. So preventing digestion problems after meals helps keep the anxiety at bay. Another negative emotion that may benefit from digestzen is loss of appetite for life and food.

Sandalwood – the oil of sacred devotion : diffuse 2-3 and apply to soles of feet and wrists. One of the main properties of Sandalwood is antidepressant. It’s similar to Vetiver as in it’s another sedative with an earthy aroma. Use for feelings of disconnection to spiritual self, emptiness, over thinking and materialism. This oil has my name all over it. I’ve recently started applying it with balance behind my ears in the afternoon to get me through the 5pm low.

Another thing I wanted to mention is the Yoga Studio app for iPhones. It has 5, 10, 20 and 30 minute classes/videos you can do in the comfort of your own home. Meditation, yoga, stretching, back pain, stretches for runners… Every time I’ve used the app whether it be when I roll outta bed to wake up and stretch my limbs or before bed, I’ve felt so damn good afterwards. This is not a paid shout out by the way, I just love the app!

Now let me introduce you to my new blends…


The anxiety set is made up of two Courtney + The Babes blends. One for day and one for night.

Chill pill – day blend : a deeper sister blend to my popular calm blend.
Oils include frank, balance, clary sage, bergamot, marjoram, wild orange, lavender, eucalyptus and fractionated coconut oil.

Deep sleep – night blend : an all natural sedative that soothes and relaxes the body and mind for a deep, lush sleep. Oils include lavender, cedar wood, juniper berry, vetiver, marjoram, roman chamomile and fractionated coconut oil.

Head over to my online store to purchase the set http://courtneyandthebabes.bigcartel.com.

If you’re interested in purchasing dōTERRA essential oils take a look at how to receive 25% off your order here or send me an email here.

I hope this post has helped a few of you loves, times can be tough but there’s such a supportive group of women on Instagram who deal with similar issues. I love all the emails you send me sharing your stories and how you’ve found my blends to really work. The feedback is so positive!

Be well,

C x

I do not recommend using marjoram and clary sage during pregnancy.

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