1 drop geranium

2 drops lemon

1 drop grapefruit


2 drops peppermint

2 drops frankincense

3 drops lemon


2 drops ylang ylang

2 drops wild orange


2 drops peppermint

3 drops eucalyptus


3 drops bergamot

2 drops rosemary


2 drops lemon

1 drop clove

2 drops cedarwood

2 drops wild orange




I get lots of emails asking me what diffuser is the best. I use the ultrasonic bamboo and glass diffuser available on eBay and Amazon and the dōTERRA petal diffuser available in my oils retail shop.

Why is it best to use a cold steam diffuser with dōTERRA essential oils?

A good diffuser should use cool or room temperature air or ultrasonic vibrations to diffuse the oil into the air, which will help the oil molecules remain air-bound for several more hours and will not affect the structure of the oil through heat, which can diminish the quality of the oil.

How often do i clean my diffuser?

Depending on how often you use your diffuser it should be cleaned when you start to see a build up of oil. You may notice the steam is not as strong as usual, that generally means it needs a freshen up. I place a few drops of white vinegar into the diffuser and fill half way up – diffuse for 5 minutes, empty and rinse. I use a wet wipe to clean the inside.

Why diffusing oils is a great idea?

  • Purify and disinfect the air from all forms of virus, pathogens and bacteria
  • Sets the mood
  • A focus of energy and concentration
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • The positive compounds of the oils and their properties, once within our blood stream, can encourage our immune system response and promote well-being in a multitude of ways

To find out more on how to purchase the oils take a look here and here.

C x

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