Home Use

LAUNDRY : Lemon essential oil eliminates all odour when you forget your load of laundry in the washer way too long!

GREASY : You just fixed your bike. Your hands are black and greasy. Soap alone won’t remove the grease, but lemon oil mixed with your soap will. Lemon oil is a great de-greaser!

DISINFECT THE YUCK : You can add lemon oil to a spray bottle of water and attack what may be living in your range hood, on your tables, counter tops and other surfaces. For some extra chemical-free firepower, a little vinegar is a traditional favourite.

LOSE THE GAS MASK : When you clean the gross build up in your shower, do you practically have to wear a gas mask to survive the fumes? Go gas mask free and clean with lemon oil. Just a small amount of lemon oil will go a long way in removing hard water build up.

NOURISH THE LEATHERS : Your leathers are not maintenance free. Use a lemon oil soaked cloth to preserve them, and prevent leather from splitting.

SILVER : A lemon oil treated cloth is a great remedy for the early stages of tarnish on silver or other metals. You may not eat on silver every day, but bracelets, earrings, necklaces often need some love.

DEACTIVATE THE STICKY : Lemon oil can help get those annoying stickers off jars.

LOVE YOUR LUSTRE : Bring your furniture back to life with lemon oil! Just add a few drops of lemon oil to olive oil for a nontoxic furniture polish. Lemon oil leaves a beautiful shine, prevents fine wood finishes from drying out, and replaces lost moisture in antique woods as it penetrates worn finishes.

DE-SMUDGE : Lemon oil is great for cleaning stainless steel appliances.

CLEAN GRANITE OR POROUS STONE : Lemon oil cleans deeply, seeps into stone and leaves you with a fresh aroma.

ENERGIZE YOUR BRUSH : If your toothbrush seems a bit tired, add a drop of lemon and peppermint oil as it disinfects and freshens.

SMELLY STUFF : Kid’s shoes or school bag, a baby’s blowout, toilet training… It all adds up to a less than desirable smell. Diffuse or spray lemon oil and neutralize odours at their source.

SCUFFS : Got a scuff mark that just won’t go away Lemon oil lifts scuff marks in remarkable ways.

MUSTY : Things get stored away. Things get old. Things don’t see the light of day. Get rid of that old smell by wiping things down with a drop of lemon on a cloth.

CUTTING BOARDS : Cutting boards can harbour bacteria in your kitchen. Nobody wants to taste the chemicals and I certainly don’t want them in my body!

BUGS : Those pesky little bugs that dine on your roses and other plants. Lemon oil (or peppermint) with water in a garden spray bottle is a natural pesticide that kills aphids and their larvae on contact, but leave your plants looking lovely.

DISHES : Add a few drops of lemon oil to your dishwasher soap container with each load. Your dishes will come out looking like new.

RAGS : When your kitchen wash cloths smell foul and could use a boost, add lemon oil to your detergent, soak overnight, wash, dry and your kitchen will smell so much better!

Cooking + Food

ENERGY + ALKALIZE : For a quick, refreshing, energy boost, combine a couple drops of lemon essential oil in a glass of water.

SWEET TOOTH :  There are an infinite number of ways lemon oil can add a bit of freshness to your sugary goodies. Frosting, lemonade, cakes.

PRESERVE : Use lemon oil in a spray to keep your cut fruit fresh until serving.

DETOX MORNING DRINK : 2 drops lemon, 2 drops ginger, 1 drop cinnamon, 1 tsp manuka honey, 1 tbs apple cider vinegar topped with warm water once daily.

FRUIT + VEG WASH : I wash all my fresh produce in lemon oil water.

Body + Mind

RESPIRATORY : When used with a humidifier, it’s a great way to slow wheezing, colds, cough, and other upper respiratory problems.

THROAT : Adding a couple drops of lemon essential oil to warm water & manuka honey can change that yucky sore throat feeling, slow a nasty cough, and douse a fever. Lemon oil fights bacteria, as well as viruses.

FUNGUS : Lemon oil is great for nails, and can help fight against nail fungus.

NERVOUS : When combined with lavender oil and diffused into a room, you’ll find you feel less anxious, a better mood.

CLEAR MIND : A clear mind, a clean slate, a fresh outlook. It’s all good. Diffuse lemon oil.

COLD SORES : Lemon will kill that nasty in its tracks.

MOOD : Whether you choose to diffuse or apply topically lemon will boost your mood.

SOFT TOOTSIES :  Next time you notice dry, hard skin on your feet regularly add a few drops of lemon oil and you’ll soon have soft feet.

BRIGHT SKIN : Lemon oil can help remove dead skin cells and exfoliate. For a homemade exfoliant, add 4-5 drops to a small amount of oatmeal and water for a homemade scrub.


Home Use

TUMMY :  Just one drop of peppermint oil rubbed on the stomach or taken internally using a veggie cap can calm indigestion, an upset stomach or other internal digestive commotion. A must-have when travelling!

FRESH MOUTH : When your mouth feels furry, peppermint oil with water (and lemon oil) creates a healthy, refreshing mouth rinse that leaves a lasting crisp, clean feeling.

SINUS : Peppermint acts as an expectorant and may provide relief for colds, cough, sinusitis, asthma, and bronchitis.

ACHES : Peppermint oil mixed with lavender oil will soothe.

OVEREATING : It’s about feeling full, and not overeating. The aroma of peppermint oil has the ability to make you feel full, faster especially if you breathe it in during a meal!

PERK UP : The aroma of peppermint is a wonderful, non-stimulating way to perk up on long drives, in school, during late night blogging.

HAIR : Add peppermint to your products to stimulate the scalp, energize and wake up! It’s an antiseptic in nature, and can also help remove dandruff and lice.

ALLERGIES : 3 drops of lavender, lemon and peppermint in a veggie cap is your all natural Telfast.

FEVER : One drop down the spine of babes with a fever as often as needed.

TENSION HEADACHES : Got a mind numbing headache? A few drops of peppermint dabbed on your temples, neck and sinuses can quickly spring into action and stop that ache.

TEA TIME :  Just one drop of peppermint oil can add life to any herbal tea (without having to add lots of sugar) while also aiding in normal digestion or to relieve heartburn.

ENERGY FOR EXERCISE :  Using peppermint oil prior to exercise immediately awakens your senses and gets you in your right mind to work out.

SNACKING : When you get that mid-morning craving, diffuse peppermint oil to reign in the urge to snack on junk.

Cooking + Food

CHOCOLATE : three words… chocolate peppermint brownies.

ALL NATURAL PEPPERMINT TEA : 1 drop, that’s all you need… Trust me! Great for nausea.

Body + Mind

WAKE UP : Peppermint oil activates the limbic function in your brain. The limbic function helps control things like emotions and long-term memory.

ITCHY : If you have the after effects of sunburn where skin is a little warm and itchy, apply a drop of peppermint oil (mixed with lavender) to cool, soothe and stop itching.

PESTS :  Many household bugs do not like peppermint oil ants, spiders, aphids, beetles, mice and cockroaches try to steer clear of peppermint. Just add to water in a spray bottle and spray where you think pests grace you with their presence!

CLEAN NATURALLY : Peppermint oil is a wonderful natural cleaning agent because it has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Spray on countertops and bathroom surfaces.

APATHY : When you’re with someone who feels gloomy or like they “just don’t care”, ask them to try peppermint oil (aromatically, topically, or internally) to stimulate their mental sharpness and focus.

STATE OF MIND : Someone’s mental outlook can be a game changer. If they are shocked, stressed out or nervous, peppermint oil may help restore feelings of normalcy and balance.

TOOTHACHE : Peppermint oil can act as a concentrated natural pain-killer and muscle relaxant, especially with painful gums, teething or recent dental work.


Home Use

FRESHEN UP YOUR CUPBOARDS : A few drops of Lavender on a cotton ball will rid that musty smell.

BITES:  Insects are not too fond of the smell of lavender. In fact, they hate it. If you forget to go the prevention route, lavender soothes bites, itching and inflammation.

MULTI PURPOSE SPRAY : I keep a small spray bottle in my car with 10 drops of lavender and wild orange topped with water to keep it smelling clean.

BEDTIME : Lavender drops on their pillows is pure magic. It will help ease their mind, calm them down, make bedtime a bit more rewarding, and best of all lull them into a restful sleep.

NO MORE TOXIC AIR FRESHNERS : Lavender and water in a spray bottle. Lavender has antibacterial, antibiotic, antiviral, antiseptic properties.

CLEANING WITH VINEGAR : If you clean with vinegar, but can barely stay vertical while using it, lavender is the answer. Just add lavender and vinegar together in the spray bottle and you’re set.

LINEN : Leaving no oil marks it leaves your towels and bedding fresh.

WOOD FLOORS : Commercial floor polishes often contain harsh chemicals. Woods love oil. Just add lavender to your cleaning system and your floor can look like new!

FRESH AIR :  Put baking soda and a 5-6 drops of lavender oil in a small Mason jar. Punch holes in the lid. Place in smelly areas (toilet, bins) and shake jar often.

RUGS AND CARPET : Baking powder with lavender oil applied on carpets then vacuumed up works a treat for keeping everything clean.

VACUUM BAGS : Pin some cotton balls (soaked in lemon and lavender oil) on the inside of the bag.

Cooking + Food

SOFTEN CITRUS : Use in delicate lemon sauces for chicken or fish or in orange marmalade, citrus salads.

LAVENDER LEMONADE : Apply a drop to a glass of lemonade with a fresh piece of lemon.

BAKE ME A CAKE : Lavender is a nice addition to lavender banana bread, lemon lavender cookies, lavender sugar cookies, lavender muffins and cake. Yum!

SWEET : Use it in lavender icing, add to honey for extra flavour in tea or toast, and even maple syrup.

Body + Mind

OATMEAL :  Fill a small jar with oatmeal and add 5-8 drops of lavender oil. When it’s time to wash your face, add water and it becomes an excellent natural scrub! A little goes a long way.

BURNS : When you’ve slightly overdone it in the sun, a little lavender oil is helpful in preventing peeling skin. It aids in your skin’s healing without scarring as well!

OUCH : Lavender has disinfecting properties. It’s great for the skin, and wonderful for relief from cuts and scrapes, especially if the cut or scrape is located wherever it’s difficult to keep covered.

EAR ACHES :  I use lavender in my ear blend here.

SKIN : If you suffer from dry, itchy skin apply a few drops to fractionated coconut oil.

MASSAGE : The perfect oil for a relaxing massage.

SPLINTERS : Apply a drop directly to splinter, let it swell and pull it out with tweezers.

ALLERGIES + CONGESTION : Lavender can calm down unruly sinus issues, defiant allergies and other respiratory issues. Just apply on the back of your neck, chest, and between your eyes.

RASHES : It’s great for any skin irritation as it calms and soothes.

NEWBORN BATH : Rather than using regular soap and warm water at baby’s bath time, add about five drops of lavender oil to the warm water. Your babe’s skin will smell amazing.

STRESS SOAK : Add to a warm bath, soak it in, soothe.

The dōTERRA Introductory Kit includes 3 x 5ml bottles of peppermint, lemon and lavender and costs $26.50. If you enrol as a wholesale member and chose to buy this particular kit you will also have to pay the $35 one-off enrollment fee. But if you’re picking one of the other enrollment kits here, they waive the $35 fee as it’s included in their price.

If you’ve been keen to get your hands on the oils but don’t want to spend too much money straight up this is a great first step.

FYI 5ml bottles contain 85 drops of essential oil where 15ml bottles contain 250 drops.

I also wanted to go over the whole LRP thing… I think people get a little scared that maybe it’s a way for dōTERRA to get money off you each month. When I first enrolled that’s what I thought. I have now learnt that I should take full advantage of their generousity.

The Loyalty Rewards Program is a way for dōTERRA to show their appreciation for you, their loyal wholesale members. By setting up an automatic monthly order you’ll receive many generous benefits in return which only get better the longer you continue to order monthly. You can customize your order and set a preferred date to purchase via your virtual office (which you get once you’ve enrolled). You log in before your purchase date and customize your order to what you need.

Whatever you order monthly through LRP you will receive 10% of the PV total back in points which you then use as credit for your next order OR you can hold onto those points for as long as you like. But the good thing is that 10% moves up to 15%, then 20%, 25% then caps at 30% after 13 months of consistent monthly LRP orders. 30% back from every order is crazy good! What supermarket rewards you with 10% back let alone 30%? Thats the thing once you start using the oils and products you won’t be spending nearly as much money on groceries and medication. I’m not just saying that, it’s the truth possums. Remember one thing when I say all this too, it’s all natural baby. If you’re wanting to cull as many chemicals in your home this is something to think about.

*PV meaning : Each dōTERRA product has a PV amount which most of the time is the same as wholesale value. Example : Peppermint has a PV of 23.

The Product of the Month (POM) benefit is a free dōTERRA product every month if your LRP order is placed before the 15th of the month AND if your PV total is 125 or more. Just to give you two examples of a 125+PV order :

 Lavender  1  $28  25
 Lemon  1  $13.50  12.5
 Frac Coconut oil  1  $16.50  15
 On Guard  1  $40.75  37
 On Guard Whitening Toothpaste  1  $10.50  5
 Petal Diffuser  1  $55  20
 Wild Orange  1  $14  12.5
 TOTAL  7  $178.25  127

With this order you’d receive 12.7 points back into your account. After 13 months of LRP you would receive 30% PV back which is 38.1.

 Salubelle Beauty Blend  1  $97  88
 Digest Zen Tummy Blend  1  $41  37.50
 TOTAL  2  $138  125.5

With this order you’d receive 12.55 points back into your account. After 12 months of LRP you would receive 30% PV back which is 37.65.

As well as giving you a percentage back each month, dōTERRA also credits your account with however much you spending on postage/shipping every month. If postage is $8, you’ll get 8 points.

This month’s product of the month is a 15ml bottle of Clove valued at $24.

dōTERRA is also running a promotion for the month of September where if your LRP is 200PV or more you receive a free Salubelle Beauty blend (which I recently blogged about my results using this product here) valued at $130! These promotions happen often.

For more info on enrollment and LRP take a look here.

This information is here just so you have a firm understanding of how all the rewards work, if you want to take it slow or it’s not your thing that’s ok too. Any questions let me know.

C x

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